Creative Bytes First Interview : Lucien
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Lucien is an easy going, extremely down to earth person that I’ve had the opportunity in getting to know over the years. She’s a web designer, collective owner, and also a blogger among other talents she possesses. Lucien is just one of those types of people that doesn’t sugar coat anything or hold anything back. If she feels that it is necessary, she’ll definitely tell it like it is without any hesitation to do so. Despite the fact that we live on opposite sides of the planet, we still manage to keep in touch via email, blogging, and social media. When I asked Lucien if she’d be interested in participating in this new interview series of mine, she did not hesitate to agree and provided me her answers within a blink of an eye. You can reach her via her collective site or via her blog

1.) You’ve been a web designer for quite a few years now, when did you realize that being a web designer was something you knew you’d be doing long term?
A.) I don’t really remember; I’ve always been fascinated by web design, since the first time I came across it. But if I have to pinpoint a moment, I think it was maybe when I started dabbling in web design and after I finished creating my first premade that I was happy with. I was pretty sure web (and graphic) design would be a passion that would accompany me in the future. :).

2.) Where did you learn how to code and create websites?
A.) I learned how to code through tutorials. I also paid close attention to graphic sites and how the owners did certain things that I fell in love with. I, of course, looked at their source code to see how they created the effect I liked and then searched for tutorials for that particular code. I also looked for tutorials that would explain how the owner achieved that effect, and once I found the tutorial that showed me how to achieve the same goal, I practiced until I felt that I was able to create the same effect.

3.) You’ve been sitting at your desk and were in the process of creating a theme for one of your websites when you start to daydream about chocolate ice cream that never makes you gain weight. A sudden jolt in your body awoke you from your daydream and you’re staring at your computer screen realizing that chocolate ice cream has been smeared all over the monitor. What do you do?
A.) I scream “No!!! F*ck no!!!” And I’d dart off to get some rags to clean it up in hopes that my monitor hasn’t been destroyed and be forced to buy a new one.

4.) How many years has it been since you’ve first created a website, and how many websites do you currently own and maintain?
A.) It’s been 8 or 9 years since I’ve opened my first Anime Graphics Sub-Domain. Since then, I’ve come to own and maintain around 8 or 10 websites.

5.) Knowing you have several domains that are for different things, do you ever find yourself struggling to keep every single website up to date? Or does it become easier after awhile of owning so many websites?
A.) I struggle every day with trying to keep my websites up to date with new layouts and content. But I love every one of them as it allows me to create layouts and keep their content up to date, which is also something I love to do in my spare time. I don’t see myself shutting any of my websites any time soon.

6.) If you could bathe in either hot chocolate sauce or pineapples for the rest of your life and come out clean, which one would you choose?
A.) I’d have to choose to bathe in hot chocolate sauce as I can’t stand pineapples. But to be entirely honest, I’d prefer to drink the hot chocolate sauce rather than bathing in it. xD.

7.) Having been a web designer for several years and owning quite a few domains that are for different purposes, what advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about becoming a web designer and who wants to own multiple domains?
A.) There are two things that comes to mind when I see a person who wants to dive into the web designer and website owning world and they are: Make sure to practice creating websites offline and start relatively small; as the more obstacles you take on the more you’ll feel overwhelmed and want to give up entirely. When and if you’re making a graphics or premades websites, I created several “fake” offline HTML sites before opening my first sub-domain and as time progressed that work gave me a lot of insight on how to organize my thoughts, my files, and my content so that I don’t feel overwhelmed and feel the need to give up. The second piece of advice that I can think of to give is don’t be in such a hurry to get your website up and running with a lot of content. Sure, you admire other websites that may have a lot of content but those websites owners took their time to get that content up and running. There’s really no rush in getting your content up as rushing is never a good idea and it does more harm than good. Remember, you have all the time in the world to make your website grow.

Thank you so much Lucien for being the first participant in this brand spanking new interview series! I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into answering these questions.

A reborn again book blogger!
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I’m pretty excited to have made the decision to become a reborn again book blogger. What’s a reborn again book blogger you may ask? Well, I have always been an old school blogger (old school bloggers basically posts about their lives) to a book blogger in 2017, and I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I made that switch. When I was an old school book blogger, I was constantly stressed out and had so much frustration with wondering what to post as well as trying to keep up with the other old school bloggers that I just had enough and wanted to do something that made me feel happy and not stressed. However, when I made the transition into a book blogger in the year 2017, it was cut a bit short due to personal reasons and college picking back up. I’m telling you, I was extremely bummed out when that happened. But, now I’m back and I feel so much better knowing that I have a second chance at redeeming myself as a book blogger and the fact that my content now is so much better than it was before. Plus, I was thankful enough to have a friend Anca that allowed me to use her book review template and said that I can edit it any which way I wanted. She gave me her template as when I left reviews from before, they were short and to the point but felt as if they were lacking something and I wasn’t at all that happy with my reviews.

Anyways, I’m hoping to be posting quite a bit (even though I’ll be finishing up my last semester in college and getting my associates degree in Computer Systems Information With An Emphasis Study In Web Development! (Say that five times fast!!!) knowing that I have a ton of books to read and review, and also have a lot to write about in regards to blogging so watch out for my blogging tips as I can definitely help you out since I have a little over two decades worth of experience in being a blogger.

With that in mind, I guess I should say what kind of books I like to read and what authors are my favorites. The books that I like to read young adults for example “The Fear Street Series,” “Final Life Series,” “Divergent,” “The Fault In Our Stars,” and so on.(yes, I know I’m an adult, but who cares, right? I mean, young adult books seems to have the best stories and adventures compared to that of adult books, with one exception being Stephen King). The authors that I love to read and support are of course R.L.Stine, John Green, Rose Garcia, and Stephen King. Even though these books and authors will most likely be the bulk of my reviews, I am always open to reading other books, which I have done before.

I am so relieved that I finally have my domain along with a theme up and running. I know that a lot of links don’t work at the moment, but I know that in time I will have those working in no time. I mean, why write all the content now and not have anything to look forward later? Right?

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